Dessert Menu “La Dolce Vita”

(The Sweet Life)

Tiramisu *
Alessandro’s mother’s recipe from Pesaro, Italy. Lady finger cookies dipped in espresso laden with Sweetened Mascarpone mousse. 8.12

Crème Brûlée *
Creamy French custard with a caramelized finish. 7.12

Chocolate Kaluha Cake
Dark Chocolate cake layered with a rich & velvety kaluha -chocolate mousse, and covered in a milk and white chocolate-ganache glaze. 8.12

Chocolate Almond Torte
Flourless brownie-like torte rich with chocolate and almonds and topped with fresh whipped cream. 7.12

Key Lime Cheesecake
Creamy, sweet and tart with a graham cracker crust and raspberry sauce. 7.12

Lemon Pannacotta
Creamy Italian egg-less custard with fresh lemon curd or raspberry coulis. 6.12

*Winners of Best Regional desserts in SE Iowa from the Iowa Source Magazine.