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Our Philosophy

Welcome to Cafe Dodici — more than a place to eat! Our goal is provide you with a fulfilling dining experience with quality food, skillfully prepared and enjoyed in a welcoming, refined dining environment. Restauranteurs Lorraine Williams, her husband and Dodici Chef Alessandro Scipioni and Tsalika Rich have a unique philosophy of life and food that they share with each customer through the food and ambiance at Cafe Dodici.


“Dodici” means “twelve” in Italian. It was chosen as the name because 12 plays a significant role in many areas of our daily lives—- 12 vibrations of tone, which gives us music; 12 hours of day and 12 hours of night, 12 months in a year. It is also a central theme in life from all over the world— Christianity’s 12 disciples, the 12 deeds of the Buddha, 12 astrological signs and on and on! In essence, the ‘magic’ of 12 affects your life every day. We share that “magic” with you!

Our authentic Italian inspired food…

We at Cafe Dodici take pride in the quality of our food. For you to enjoy the life essence of what you eat at Cafe Dodici, we choose the best quality food both locally and from Italy. Then we take care to ensure that the foods’ natural, nourishing qualities are respected in the cooking process.

Chef Alessandro was inspired by Mama Scipioni to prepare natural, fresh foods in the tasty style of his original home in Pesaro, Italy. He now shares this knowledge with you in his adopted home.

The Cafe Dodici kitchen has only high quality stainless steel cookware – no aluminum nor TE on here.

Cafe Dodici uses only purified water in both its service and cooking to assure only the fresh taste of pure water in all foods and beverages.

Chef Alessandro’s goal is to compliment our foods’ natural characteristics, rather than covering them up. While garlic, onions and salt are believed to heighten the flavors of foods, when used too heavily, they can mask foods’ true essence and saturate your palate with only one flavor – sometimes for days! We use very little salt, garlic and onion in our recipes…. just enough to heighten the foods’ natural flavor.

Our Ambiance…

Much time and energy has been devoted to the ambiance of our Dining Room and to the new Gathering Room for private parties. To create a harmonious dining experience for our guests, Lorraine consulted a Feng Shui Master in China. Cafe Dodici’s decor is a compilation of artwork and artifacts from around the world. The two chandeliers were hand made and painted in Florence, Italy. There are paintings by Iowa artists as well as artists from India, China and Italy. We are especially proud of the oil painting of downtown Washington from 1907! We strive for an environment where you feel both pampered and relaxed—where you feel welcome again and again.

Thank you very much for dining with us at CAFE DODICI!

Buon Appetito!

Lorraine Williams, Proprietor        –         Alessandro Scipioni, Proprietor        –        Tsalika Rich, Proprietor